The recognized tourist town Hupperath with approx. 600 inhabitants today
lies 4 km northwesterly from Wittlich on a height of 337 m about NN.
The today's residential municipality was marked mainly by agriculture in former times.
Trough the centre of Hupperath (basic school) runs the 50th degree of latitude.
At the vantage point „Pichterberg“ one has a marvellous view
at the district principal town Wittlich and the „Wittlicher depression“.
More than 20 km of signposted trails as well as the romantic valleys of the streams Lieser and Salm invite the hiker as well as the nature lover to stay in their lovely valleys.

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Location - thoughts to the 800th anniversary

(from the chronicle to the 800th anniversary in 1973)

Every „Hupperather“, who not exactly missed or slept in the subject "local history" in his schooltime knows to report, that the name "Humbrecterod" is first mentioned in a document in 1173.

It is also known that a settler named „Humbrecht“ cleared the forest
and thus laid the foundation for a new settlement.

Since then the „Hupperather“ have been lived and loved,
worked and prayed, suffered and celebrated here.

„Humbrecht“ and his clan must have been capable, hard-working people
what you can identify from her offspring today, whether they live in the “Iwer” village, in the “Ennich” village, in the “Ewisch” village or the “Riez”.

And every generation will have had their originals, which are not extinct until today,
unspoiled, stubborn creatures of this sharp landscape of the Eifel.

But also with a shot of carelessness (light sense), cheerfulness and verve, who have
their origin from close up to the blessed valley of Wittlich and to the wine-happy Moselland.

„Humbrecht“ has truly chosen a good spot of earth, belonging to the sharp Eifel
and also near the lovely landscape of the Moselle.
So that the „Hupperather“ at the „Pichterberg“ can produce a good drop in  a sunny south.

How does the village nestle in this sheltered depression
on the plateau between the deeply cut valleys of Lieser and Salm!

How far does the gaze wander from the "Feescht" over the forest heights of the “Vordereifel”,
over which the mighty “Mosenberg” with its crater lake
as a witness of the volcanic past of this landscape rises!

And then, near the Salm Valley, one can feel the cultural creativity of „Abtei Himmerod“,
and on the unique „Lieserpfad“ one walks to Manderscheid with its two castles,
witnesses of a past knightly glory.

How historic is this land!

How strong does the new time make itself felt!

New relocated farms, modern machines, entire streets with new handsome houses,
well-tended gardens, clean streets and a children's playground.

At the old schoolhouse (the new one is an ornament of the village) a large hiking map invites for leisurely hiking. Year after year, numerous guests come to the village, parents with their children,
who are delight about a natural hospitality and  an unspoiled nature.

Some people make a pilgrimage even after the day load and effort or at a leisurely sunday afternoon at the chapel "Op der Geichlä" to find strength and consolation in the silence in a grief or a worry that only one person helps to carry.

So may God also hold his protective hand about this village and about all in upcoming times.